European Consortium of Microbial Resources Centres



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Public deliverables

Develop Common standards and protocols

Standard operating procedures and methods used for culture, characterization/control, and preservation by the partners

Guidelines for optimal formatting/annotation of data related to the biological materials

A BRC operational standard based on the OECD best practice guidelines for Biological Resource Centres as a working draft for an ISO Standard

Overview of existing legislation, guidelines, best practices etc. connected with biosecurity

Final Code of Conduct for Bio-security


User Access, training and outreach

Report on the EMbaRC workshop for emerging collections (Eastern Europe)

EMbaRC Roadshow


Sustainable activity of BRCs

Inventory of European Resource Centre holdings

A strategy for increasing collection holdings with scientifically relevant resources

Mapping of the different funding models of the BRCs in EMbaRC

A list of institutions/platform/ companies federations susceptible to support a long term networking activity and service offer

A strategy for sustainability of BRC services


Improving strain and DNA storage methods

Recommendation of best protocols for preservation

Report on the dissemination of information and access to common database from current DNA banks

Common optimised methodology for the storage of DNA

Quality control validation exercise and published guidelines and quality standards


Exploring new approaches in species identification

Selection of new genes markers dedicated to yeasts and filamentous fungi

Selection of protein-coding regions and bacterial strains to be tested

Report on strain authentication by MALDI-TOF and identification of accurate and misclassified/mislabelled strains in consortium holdings

Release of an accessible database of MALDI-TOF spectra of strains investigated

New Database containing sequences for eukaryote strains and species assessed for their authentication

Report on phylogenetic approach using enzymes of industrial interest

Publication on comparative genomic analysis of prokaryote targeted species