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EMbaRC plans to:

  • Add-value to the current set of collections by harmonising methods for strain identification and validation of reference strains

  • Ensure consistent quality of all European collections resources by federating current best practice, tools and operational standards and to ensure harmonisation of the quality of BRCs. EMbaRC plans to take the current OECD best practice and emerging national standards for BRCs (e.g. French standard) to the international level.

  • Propose a Code of Conduct for Biosecurity for European Microbial Biological Resource Collections in order to help BRC’s avoid any direct or indirect contributions to the development, production or preservation of biological weapons.

  • Provide a one-stop-shop to European BRCs via a web-based searchable portal building on the outcomes of the CABRI project.

  • Disseminate widely and manage the calls for access and evaluate the quality and impact of this access to the users.

  • Integrate those orphan, endangered and emerging European collections into the EMbaRC community and share with them the project results via best practice workshops, targeted training programmes and outreach activities.

  • Define business models to enable both the consortium and European BRC’s at large to reach a greater level of self-sustainability

  • Develop improved techniques for strain and DNA storage to enable longer shelf-life.

  • Create a high quality European microbial DNA bank network

  • Exploring new methods for the identification of species to ensure more accurate identification of the bioresources.

  • Provide the research community at large with access to high quality biological resources backed up by the joint-expertise, services and data of the project consortium to enable each individual user’s research needs to be fully addressed.

  • Set up a concerted outreach programme, training workshops, dissemination events and project web site and work with users to ensure delivery of products and services to meet their current and developing needs.