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User Selection Panel – Scientific Advisory Board

    The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) advises the Executive Committee on the strategy for self-sustainability and project exploitation. It also plays the role of User Selection Panel (USP) to select the candidates from the call for access in line with the guidelines.

    The following key scientists are external members of this body:

  • A representative of the European Center for Disease control (ECDC) [USP & SAB]

  • Prof. Claude Gaillardin, former head of the MICA division at INRA (microbiology and food chain) [USP & SAB]
  • Prof. Peter Kämpfer, Editor of IJSEM and Professor at the Department of Applied Microbiology, Justus-Liebig University of Giessen, Germany [USP & SAB]
  • Prof. Ed Moore, Head of CCUG and Professor of Clinical Bacteriology at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden [USP & SAB]
  • Dr. Armando Venâncio, Editor of JAM and LAM, Professor at the Department of Biological Engineering, University of Minho, Portugal [SAB]

    Some EMbaRC partners are also internal members of the USP-SAB :

  • Ir. Philippe Desmeth, Manager of the Call for Trans-National Access and work package leader of NA3 Sustainable Activity of Biological Resource Centres

  • Dr. David Smith, work package leader of NA1 Develop Common Standards & Protocols
  • Prof. Nelson Lima, work package leader of NA2 User Access, Training & Outreach

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