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Contribution towards promoting research and market development for life sciences and biotechnology applications and the Knowledge Based Bio-Economy and towards fostering competitiveness, knowledge transfer and innovation from the science base to industry

Biotechnology continues to offer a future beyond depletion of our natural resources and can provide a basis for a bioeconomy. More and more natural resource alternatives are being found using cells as factories e.g. biofuels, drugs, neutraceuticals food and beverages. Establishment of a Biological Resource Centre Network to provide a basis for the development of microbiological based industries will lead to economic development. This is in line with the development framework for poverty eradication and will also establish a strong support facility in fulfilment of signatory country commitment to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Improved data and greater access to a wider range and better maintained resources as proposed by EMbaRC will provide European industry with a huge advantage over the rest of the world and a road to delivering the bioeconomy.

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