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EMbaRC brings together key microbial resource centres in Europe to improve, coordinate and validate microbial resource delivery to European and International researchers from both public and private sectors.

The conservation and utilisation of microorganisms aim to help deliver a knowledge-based bioeconomy


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Technical training videos are available on the 3 following topics :

·         Gram staining

·         Fungi observation under Optical Microscope

·         Preservation Techniques


Roadshop slides are available.


European microbial DNA Bank Network (logo): the portal is open at
This new portal will guide you through your DNA supply you will find the SOPs for DNA extraction, preservation and quality control used by EMbaRC BRCs.

Code of Conduct on Biosecurity for BRCs: final version

 YeastIP: A Database for Molecular Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Yeasts.
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Preserving authentic materials for the future


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Mycobacterium (c)Institut Pasteur

L.lactis marked with GFP and observed under UV light (c)INRA

Penicillum sp. (c)INRA


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